Health Economics

We pinpoint the economic value of your product. 

A precise and anticipated “value messaging” is a key factor in the highly regulated pharma and MedTech markets.

Health Economic Value Message / (Global) Value Dossier

Central success factor for your pricing and reimbursement strategy is a precise communication of the health economic evidence of your product(s). We support you by:

  • systematic literature research – because your value messages need to be “waterproof”
  • monitoring of the most recent (scientific) results and insights at scientific conventions – because your value messages need to be current
  • market research (identification of and interviews with KOLs, advisory boards) – because your target group needs to buy in.

The obtained results and insights are the basis for further development of a global value dossier (GVD) or a value dossier at the national level. We are experts in supporting in a variety of value messaging.

Market Assessment

A comprehensive consulting for your relevant market is indispensable for successful market saturation. During the market assessment we not only take care of your products, we also keep a focus on later reimbursement, your KOLs and patients. We apply the following methods:

  • analysis of your portfolio
  • competition analysis 
  • benchmarking
  • assessment of relevant guidelines and HTAs

Market Access

We support your market access strategy through a systematic approach consisting of the following core elements:

  • Value identification
  • Value creation applying methods of HEOR
  • Value communication